Photoplay December 1925


Photoplay, December 1925 new

The Last Edition – F. B. O.

Emory Johnson, the glorifier of the underpaid wage earner, has again turned out an excellent and stirring story replete with thrills and heart interest. The story is woven around the difficulties that attend the printing of a daily newspaper. All the “inside dope” is shown – from the telephone calls of the reporters to the actual distribution of the papers on the streets. This, in itself, should prove interesting to the average fan. Then for the excitement he has added some scheming grafters, a fire and an explosion. As a matter of fact there is everything in the picture for the amusement of an audience. Ralph Lewis is splendid as the foremen of the press room. Others in the cast are Frances Teague, Ray Hallor and Rex Lease. Take the whole family.